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Friday, February 10, 2017

Different Pathways of Recovery

Treatment and the many  models that exist do depend on the stability of the place as well as the patient. Willingness of the patient is the key element.  An addict can be in a holistic paradise and just not be ready. He or she might leave immediately, discharge for inappropriate conduct, or relapse right after. We cannot buy clean time or sobriety no matter how big the bill is or who is footing it. If we over cater to someone in their active addiction it does not mean you are meeting their needs. Especially when they have done nothing but lie, cheat, and steal their way here.  So yes  " They do deserve a second chance". But no, " They do not deserve to have their assess kissed because their policy is amazing for billing". There are treatment facilities that are great. Intentionally to designed to acclimate you back into society while giving you a therapeutic community.  A line has to be drawn though or else you create and environment for the spiritual disease of addiction to grow. 

There will always be opinions and arguments between the (Old Approach Recovery World) and what treatment is. Treatment is Not Recovery. Recovery is a hopeful by product of whatever treatment that person receives. So therefor we should not be the ones to judge where someone is at with their Recovery or how they got better from their bottom. One such method that draws a lot of controversy is  harm reduction. This is a proven  successful model for someone who does better with harm reduction. Just like abstinence is a proven successful model  for those who seek this path. Either path does not always fit every person. There are many pathways to recovery along with many opinions. Choose wisely. For years I found myself judging those around me who were not doing exactly what I was doing. Today I spend more time warning people from my experience then trying to force someone into it. I try to share hope and less opinion. Being open-minded is all one can do in the face of this Pandemic.

Be yourself, honor yourself,  and remember you matter. I had to do a report on Helen Keller when I was younger. Something she had said always stuck with me while trying to grow through some of the struggles I had in life. She said, " Character cannot be developed in ease and quite. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul  be strengthened , ambition inspired, and success achieved." Whatever path you choose understand it will not be easy but it will be worth it. Find what fits for you and stick with it. I have a gold medal in couch surfing. When something went wrong aka usually not my way. I left in hurry. Always moving in place and stuck in a perpetual state of confusion. I could not understand why my life sucked. Treatment can be the same way if we do not stick it out and see it through. Treatment can be a reflection of our negative past if we want it. Or it can be a microcosm for our life. Holistic or basic it depends on you. 

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